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Why do people have an anxiety disorder, and what are its symptoms and methods of treatment? Let's consider this in detail.

Anxiety disorders can arise at any point across the lifespan, regardless of age. The main manifestations of an anxiety disorder is a strong fear which the person can feel throughout an extended time span. If this fear occurs for a long enough period of time without any helpful measures implemented, then such a state can develop into a phobia and have a negative impact on the quality of the person’s life.

People who have an anxiety disorder can have following symptoms: rapid breathing and heartbeat, increased blood pressure, dizziness, perspiration, and feeling hot even when in a cold room.

Unpleasant feelings in the form of suffocation, numbness, nausea, and abdominal pain are often reported as is interrupted sleep, irritability, poor attention and concentration.

Some severe cases may also result in panic attacks or could cause the person to lose their hold on reality. This state of emotional arousal typically alternates with a feeling of mental fatigue.

Mental trauma, stressful situations, and various pathological processes happening in the brain of a person can all add to the cause of an anxiety disorder, though a hereditary factor can also play a role.

The providers at the Vadim Baram Inc. clinic offer multiple options of treatment of anxiety disorders including the use of cognitive and behavioural therapy and the latest pharmacological treatments and medications. When holding a therapy session the doctor sometimes emulates stressful situations which can cause obsessions in the patient, but doing so often stops the undesirable psychosomatic reactions.

Using the techniques of Dr. Vadim Baram and a personalized approach to each patient, the fastest possible reduction or even elimination of symptoms of uneasiness and anxiety and the related conditions can be achieved.


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