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We have known for a long time that high-quality and effective rest is the key to a healthy and happy life for each person!  But there is one commonly-seen barrier to that, one of our main mental enemies: insomnia!


Insomnia is a sleep disorder which is characterized by manifestations such as difficulty falling asleep, insufficient duration, intermittently waking up, and poor sleep quality. The person that experiences early-morning awakening may feel broken or as though vital energy is not completely restored.

According to Dr. Vadim Baram, insomnia sufferers include 35% to 40% of the total population of Earth.  This illness can become a mental barrier to those experiencing it, inhibiting the opportunities for a full, enjoyable life. It may also lead to early aging and increasing wear and tear on an organism.


Insomnia is observed at people of different age, but those of the senior age group are especially subject to insomnia. It is explained by age changes in an organism, the accompanying pathologies, and other physiological features which occur in a human body of advanced age. 

To independently define and remove insomnia is rather difficult. Those that are experiencing insomnia are encouraged to visit the clinic to assist with identifying and understanding the exact reasons for insomnia and to find the most effective methods for its treatment. Qualified specialists of the Vadim Baram, Inc clinic can carry out full diagnostics and recommend appropriate treatment for this frustrating issue. 

Insomnia reasons:

Some of the basic causes of insomnia include a lack of time to get to the dream stage of sleep, constant stressful

situations at work and in the family, psychological and physical injuries, and political and economic issues.

The genetic factor plays a considerable role, though the working conditions and accommodation of the person can serve in development of this frustration.

A shortage of oxygen indoors for work or for rest can also lead to the development of insomnia.

Fears that the person may be experiencing of a responsible life experience or on the eve of an important event, such as a wedding, a divorce, a long trip, medical tests, or a new job, can provoke insomnia.

Pathologies of the nervous system, headaches, and injuries of the head and spinal cord can cause insomnia.

Only an experienced, professional, provider who interviews and examines the patient in detail can help establish the cause of insomnia.  Using the available data, a patient-specific course of treatment can be identified to overcome this frustration.


Insomnia symptoms:

Individual manifestations of insomnia are quite variable. The most widespread are seen in the general irritability of the person, loss of mental concentration, absent-mindedness, irascibility, emotional instability with frequent changes of mood, and aggression. It is aggravated by day drowsiness, occurring in the workplace, as well as general weakness and poor coordination of movements.

If you or your relatives identify these characteristic symptoms, it is recommended that you do not rely on self-treatment but rather ask for the help of the qualified professionals of the Vadim Baram Inc clinic.

Diagnostics and prevention of insomnia:

The individual, personalized approach and the effective analysis of the factors involved have an impact in diagnosing and effectively treating this sleep disorder.

Detailed psychological, neurologic, and physiological research will allow the provider and patient together to construct the individual plan of treatment. Competently utilized, pharmacological interventions will accelerate the achievement of the desired positive effect and to return the patient’s life to normal.

For the prevention of insomnia, it is necessary to regulate any potential stressors and emotional factors, to limit the intake of substances which may influence the central nervous system and general metabolism of the person, and to increase motivation for achieving success in any sphere of activity which may help achieve peace of mind.

With these questions in mind, you are welcome to contact the providers at Vadim Baram Inc clinic to work toward achieving balance in mental wellness and restfulness.


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