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The staff at Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry have been working with clients to provide evidence-based psychiatric care in the Greater St. Louis area since 2005.

We provide care to clients 18 years and older and work with them to develop individualized plans of care to suit their unique needs.

We treat a variety of psychiatric conditions including mood disorders, thought disorders, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, and dementia.

Dr Baram nominated and received prestigious

Mission in Motion Award


Vadim Baram Inc is focused on providing effective health care to meet each patient's needs. We focus on understanding each individual and meeting you where you are at to provide meaningful treatment.

High quality, professional medical care, comfortable conditions and experienced providers allow our practice to provide treatment dedicated to improving your mental health. Treatment is planned and performed by professionals with extensive experience in psychiatry. Read more about our providers, here.

Vadim Baram Inc. has been treating individuals for more than 15 years. Since 2005, our practice has grown to treat a wide variety of people across multiple populations and diagnoses. 

Our providers utilize a patient centered approach to understand each patient's distinct needs; thus, allowing us to get to know each individual as well as possible, and then to administer the appropriate treatment. 


Mental disorders treatment

Modern methods of therapy of mental diseases are based on the principles of complex treatment and development of individual programs. The main role at creation of the scheme of treatment is assigned to diagnostics, clarification of symptomatology, degree and sharpness of pathology.

Flexible therapeutic methods of treatment are always evidence-based and are based on the advanced principles of pharmacotherapy, psychological influence for the fastest rehabilitation of the patient in social and household spheres of life.

Methods of treatment and integrated approach.

The accumulated experience and professionalism of nurses allows to render high-quality services to long-term care both in a hospital, and in out-patient conditions.
The scheme of treatment, purpose of drugs and duration of leaving depends on weight, degree and prescription of pathology.

The optimum choice of treatment is always coordinated with the patient and his relatives. 

In Dr. Baram Inc clinic. only the most effective are applied, the techniques checked by time which allow to achieve positive takes for the minimum time.
Sessions of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) allow to cope with the most severe forms of neurologic frustration at which other methods of treatment for achievement of medical effect are inefficient.



Psychotherapy as part of complex therapy of a disease - the integral process in treatment of all mental diseases and frustration. 
The main objective of therapy is to help the patient to reveal the vulnerable parties, to help to realize and change behavior, to stop manifestations of pathologies, to enhance motivation of the patient on recovery, to return the person to usual social qualitative life.

When rendering mental health services the personalized approach is the cornerstone. As modern the technician use the following methods:
At the same time complex treatment includes as therapy by medicines, psychotherapy, psychocorrection, and medical and recreational procedures.


Medicinal therapy in clinic is carried out strictly according to indications at psychosomatic, neurologic, psychopathological states, including, at affective diseases, frustration and manias. For this purpose appoint the most reliable and checked drugs personally chosen for each patient.

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)

We offer ECT for our patients with severe, treatment resistant depression. ECT can be administered in the inpatient or outpatient setting, under the supervision of trained physicians. 

Dr. Baram is a Diplomant of the International Society for Convulsive Therapy.

In Vadim Baram Inc clinic. the modern techniques and technicians guaranteeing positive takes are applied. Programs of treatment are developed by leading experts and include therapy by the checked, safe medicines, psychotherapy and psychological consultation.

Nov 02-04, 2022 | Rome, Italy

International meeting at Rome. Theme: ”Posttraumatic Stress Disorder"

Dr Baram will present at the international meeting at Rome. Main topic: ”Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: innovative strategies in diagnosis, management and treatment”. See Presentation.


Geriatric Mental Health with Dr. Vadim Baram

Special guest, Dr. Vadim Baram, joined The Power of Love Show for Part II of our Mental Health Series.


VIVITROL® Provider

Vadim Baram Inc - VIVITROL® provider


Vadim Baram MD DFAPA

Dr Baram presented lecture about innovative treatment of schizophrenia at the Psychiatric Congress at San Francisco on October 24,2020


Vadim Baram MD DFAPA

Dr.Baram was casted but "Balancing Act" national show. Watch Life Channel on November 16,2020.
The segment airs on Lifetime on 11/16 and 11/24 at 7:30am eastern/pacific, 6:30 central, 5:30 mountain.


Congratulations Katie and Anna!

Katie and Anna successfully passed their National Board Nurse Practitioner examination and Graduated from the psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Programs with success.

Congratulations Katie and Anna!

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